Irish Writers: Constance Markievicz

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Constance Markievicz

Mugshot of Constance Markievicz, 1916

1868 – 1927


Nov./Dec. 1915

The Women of ’98

Mar. 1922

On Women’s Franchise

Oct. 1922

Conditions of Women in English Jails

June 1923

The Fianna

June 1923

Larkin, the Fianna and the King’s Visit

July/Aug. 1923

Memories of the King’s Visit, 1911

Aug. 1923

Mr Arthur Griffith and the Sinn Féin Organisation

June 1924

Fianna Éireann and the 1921 Treaty

Aug. 1924

Oration on the Second Anniversary of Murder of Fianna Cole and Colley

June 1925

Wolfe Tone’s Ideals of Democracy

Mar. 1926

How We Won the Fianna Trials

May 1926

Liam Mellows – Pioneer

Aug. 1927



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