Mihailo Marković 1961

Dialectical Theory of Meaning

Written: 1961;
Source: The Autodidact Project;
First Published: Marković, Mihailo. Dialectical Theory of Meaning [translated by David Rougé and Joan Coddington from the Serbo-Croat], (Dordrecht; Boston: D. Reidel / Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1984);
Transcribed: by Ralph Dumain.



PART ONE. Epistemological Foundations of the Dialectical Theory of Meaning

I. General Logical Problems of Constructing a Theory of Meaning
II. Categories of Objective Reality
III. Symbols
IV. Objective Experience
V. Concepts and Other Categories of Thought

PART TWO. Analysis of Meaning

VI. Meaning as a Complex of Relationships
VII. Mental Meaning
VIII. Objective Meaning
IX. Linguistic Meaning
X. Practical Meaning

PART THREE. Meaning and Communication

XI. The Genesis of Signs and Meaning
XII. General Definition of Meaning: The Interrelationships of the Individual Dimensions of Meaning
XIII Conditions of Effective Communication