Marx Family Biography / Women and Marxism

Jenny Marx Longuet (Jennychen)


Born: 1844 (May 1)
Died: 1883 (Jan 11)

First daughter of Karl and Jenny. Journalist. Married Charles Longuet in 1872. Died shortly before her father. Mother of six children. In 1870 she took action in the Irish struggles by publishing (under the name "J. Williams") revelations of the treatment of the Irish political prisoners by the English bourgeoisie. An investigation by the Gladstone government followed.


Jenny in 1870 (age 26)
Jenny and Chales Longuet in 1870s


1870: Articles On Ireland

1871: Escape from Post-Commune France!

1871: Letter to Kugelmann, 3 October 1871

1883: Obituary (by Engels)

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