The International Workingmen's Association, 1872

The Hague Congress

Statement by P. Vichard

Translated: by Richard Dixon & Alex Miller, for Progress Publishers, 1976.
Transcribed: by, June 1996.

After Theodor Cuno's departure to America and Lucain's death, the task of drawing up the report on the Alliance fell to the commission engaged in editing the minutes (Marx, Engels, Le Moussu, Frankel, Dupont, Serraillier). The main job was undertaken by Marx and Engels, who were greatly assisted by Paul Lafargue, delegate to the Congress. The commission started work in April 1873, and in August 1873 the results of its endeavors were published in the form of the pamphlet The Alliance of Socialist Democracy and the International Working Men's Association.

July 18, 1873

To the citizen-members of the commission nominated by the Hague Congress to edit the minutes of the Congress.

Dear Citizens,

As a Congress-nominated member of the Commission of Inquiry into the Alliance, since it has been pointed out to me that the members of the commission, being dispersed in Belgium, England and America, will not be able to meet, I have felt it my duty to hand over to you the documents entrusted to me.

My mandate is henceforth no longer valid.

I am therefore in no way connected with any report which may be made by any other commission in place of the one specially nominated by the Congress.

Please accept, dear citizens, fraternal greetings from your devoted

Paul Vichard