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Marx's letters to Arnold Ruge

This series of letters was written by Marx (at age 25) to his friend Arnold Ruge. Marx and Ruge would later include the full eight-letter exchange in their first and only edition of the Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher, in February 1844.

deutsche-fransosische jahrbuch

Marx to Ruge, February 10, 1842

Marx to Ruge, March 5, 1842

Marx to Ruge, March 20, 1842

Marx to Ruge, April 23, 1842

Marx to Ruge, July 9, 1842

Marx to Ruge, November 11, 1842

Ship of Fools, March, 1843

Marx to Ruge, March 13, 1843

Drag the world into the light, May, 1843

Ruthless Criticism, September, 1843