Karl Marx's Early Literary Experiments

A Book of Verse

Written: prior to April 12, 1837;
Source: Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 1, pg 683-685;
Publisher: International Publishers (1975);
First Published: Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Hb. 2, 1929
Translated: Clemens Dutt;
Transcribed: S. Ryan;
HTML Markup: S. Ryan.

of the year 1837
dedicated to my dear father
on the occasion of his birthday
as a feeble token of everlasting love
K. H. Marx, Berlin


To My Father
The Magic Harp, A Ballad
Yearning. A Romance
Nocturnal Love. A Romance (note: also published as Wild Songs)
Siren Song, A Ballad
The Little Old Man of the Water. A Ballad
The First Elegy of Ovid's Tristia Freely Rendered
The Madwoman. A Ballad
Flower King. A Fantastic Ballad
The Awakening
Invocation of One in Despair
Lucinda, A Ballad
The Last Judgment. A Jest
Two Singers Accompanying Themselves on the Harp. A Ballad
Epigrams on the Germans and on Pustkuchen
Epigram on Hegel
On a Certain Bald-head
Distraught, A Ballad
Human Pride
Oulanem. A Tragedy, Act I
Song to the Stars
The Song of a Sailor at Sea
The Pale Maiden, A Ballad
The Forest Spring
The Fiddler. A Ballad
Three Little Lights
The Abduction. A Ballad
Epigrams and Xenia
Dialogue. A Ballad
Sea Rock
Man and Drum, A Fable
Evening Stroll
The Magic Ship. A Romance
The Man in the Moon
Night Thoughts, A Dithyramb
Dream Vision, A Dithyramb


Some chapters from Scorpion and Felix. A Humoristic Novel.

(additional verses not included in this index, but are included in the CW)