Marx and Engels in Neue Rheinische Zeitung November 1848

The Neue Rheinische Zeitung


Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 147 (second edition)
 Translated by the Marx-Engels Institute
Transcribed for the Internet by, 1994

Cologne, November 18. The Rhenish District Committee of Democrats calls upon all democratic associations in the Rhine Province to have the following measures decided upon and carried through:

1. Since the Prussian National Assembly itself has ruled that taxes are not to be paid, their forcible collection must be resisted everywhere and in every way.

2. In order to repulse the enemy the local militia must be organized everywhere. The cost of weapons and ammunition for impecunious citizens is to be defrayed by the community or by voluntary contributions.

3. The authorities are to be asked everywhere to state publicly whether they recognize the decisions of the National Assembly and intend to carry them out. In case of refusal committees of public safety are to be set up, and where possible this should be done with the consent of the local councils. Local councils opposed to the Legislative Assembly should be re-elected by a universal vote.

For the Rhenish District Committee of Democrats

Karl Marx
Karl Schapper
Schneider II