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Letters of Marx and Engels: 1848

Engels to Marx. 14 January
Engels to Marx. 21 January
Marx to Engels. Between 7 and 12 March
Engels to Marx. 8-9 March
Marx to Engels. 16 March
Engels to Marx. 18 March
Engels to Emil Blank. 26 March
Engels to Emil Blank. 28 March
Marx and Engels to Etienne Cabet. 5 April
Engels to Emil Blank. 15 April
Marx to Engels. About 24 April
Engels to Marx. 25 April
Engels to Marx. 9 May
Karl Marx to the Editor of the Newspaper L'Alba in Florence, May 1848
Engels to Emil Blank. 24 May
Engels to Karl Friedrich Koppen. 1 September
Marx to Engels. About 29 or 30 October
Marx to Engels. First half of November
Marx to Ferdinand Lassalle. 13 November
Marx to Engels. 29 November
Marx to Eduard von Muller-Tellering. 5 December
Engels to Marx. 28 December
Marx to Wilhelm Stieber. About 29 December
Ferdinand Freiligrth
Joseph Weydemeyer