Works of Marx and Engels


“The concrete concept is concrete because it is a synthesis of many definitions, thus representing the unity of diverse aspects. It appears therefore in reasoning as a summing-up, a result, and not as the starting point” [Introduction to Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy]

* 1857 *

Major Works

Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Marx
Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations, Marx
The First Indian War of Independence, Marx & Engels
On Afghanistan, Engels
Revelations of the Diplomatic History of the 18th Century, Marx

“In both these forms, the relationship of the worker to the objective conditions of his labor is one of ownership: this is the natural unity of labor with its material prerequisites. Hence, the worker has an objective existence independent of his labor. The individual is related to himself as a proprietor, as master of the conditions of his reality. The same relation holds between one individual and the rest. Where this prerequisite derives from the community, the others are his co-owners, who are so many incarnations of the common property.” [Marx, Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations]

new york daily tribune
Marx & Engels in the New York Daily Tribune
Aug 1852 - Feb 1860


Minor Works

Mountain Warfare in the Past and Present, Engels
Bauer's Pamphlets On the Collision with Russia, Marx