Marx-Engels Correspondence 1868

Karl Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann, 2 July 1868

Source: Karl Marx, Letters to Dr Kugelmann (Martin Lawrence, London, undated). Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.

Dear Kugelmann

Best thanks for your letter. The children are getting on well, although they are not yet well enough to go out (today is the ninth day).

As for my book, I received five copies of the Elberfelder-Zeitung yesterday, containing a very benevolent review by Dr Schnake [1] (I know the name from 1848, but do not know him personally). There is a good deal of confusion in his presentation of the matter. On the other hand, I am informed from Berlin that clown Faucher makes merry over my book in the June number of his journal. [2] It is good that the gentlemen at last give vent to their annoyance.

I do not yet know if and when I am coming to Germany. I am at last free of carbuncles.

Engels is certainly going over in August or September.

Salut! And my compliments to Mrs Kugelmann and the little one.

K Marx


1. This refers to an article by Friedrich Schnake who in the 1840s was a prominent representative of German ‘true socialism’ and contributed to papers of this tendency in the Rhine district. In the 1860s he was a progressive democrat – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.

2. Vierteljahrschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Kulturgeschichte (Quarterly Review of National Economy and the History of Culture). Julius Faucher (1802-1878) – German economist of the free-trade school. For a time Cobden’s personal secretary – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.