Marx-Engels Correspondence 1868

Letter from Marx to Engels
In Manchester


Written: August 26, 1868;
Source: Marx and Engels Correspondence;
Publisher: International Publishers (1968);
First Published: Gestamtausgabe;
Translated: Donna Torr;
Transcribed: Sally Ryan in 1999;
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan.

The invitation which I received to the Congress of the General Association of German Workers (Hamburg, August 22 to 25) was signed by Schweitzer as President and by more than twenty workers from the various districts of Germany (members of the Executive). I had to take this latter fact into consideration in my reply. The reason I gave for not coming was the work of the Central Council of the International Workingmen's Association, and I said I was glad to see that the starting-points of any "serious" working-class movement--agitation for full political freedom, regulation of the working day and international co-operation of the working class--were emphasised in their programme for the Congress. In other words, that is to say, I congratulated them on having given up Lassalle's programme. Whether they will see the joke, remains to be seen. Schweitzer, the only one with a head in the whole Lassalle gang, will certainly be aware of it. But whether he will think it more advisable to show this or to pretend to be dense, we shall see.