Marx-Engels Correspondence 1868

Engels to Marx
In London


Written: Manchester December 18, 1868;
Source: Marx and Engels Correspondence;
Publisher: International Publishers (1968);
First Published: Gestamtausgabe;
Translated: Donna Torr;
Transcribed: Sally Ryan in 1999;
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan.

Many thanks for Ténot and the Baudin trial. As soon as I have read the latter I will send them both back. You can keep the Provinces for I have ordered both volumes for myself from the bookseller, as one must possess a copy of a thing of this kind. It is a necessary result of every victorious reaction that the causation of the revolution and especially of the counter-revolution should pass into utter oblivion; the younger generation in Germany knows absolutely nothing about 1848 except the groans of the Kreuzzeitung, which were echoed by all the other papers from 1849-52; history suddenly comes to an end there in 1847.