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Letters of Marx and Engels: 1875

Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 7 January
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 9 January
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 20 January
Marx to Maurice Lachatre. 30 January
Marx to Juste Vernouillet. 3 February
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 11 February
Marx to Engels. Feb/March
Engels to Hermann Ramm. 18 March
Engels to August Bebel. 18-28 March
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 22 March
Marx to Wilhelm Bracke. 5 May
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 8 May
Engels to Eugen Oswald. 8 May
Marx to Jenny Marx. 10 May
Engels to Patrick John Coleman. 20 May
Engels to A Goopy. 14 June
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 18 June
Marx to Z. 12 July
Marx to Edwards. 14 July
Marx to Engels. 21 August
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 1 September
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 6 September
Marx to Engels. 8 September
Marx to Max Oppenheim. 9 September
Marx to Hermann Schumacher. 21 September
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 24 September
Marx to Peter Imandt. 27 September
Marx to Bernhard Kraus. 30 September
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 8 October
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 11 October
Engels to August Bebel. 12 October
Engels to August Bebel. 15 October
Marx to Bernhard Kraus. 20 October
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 8 November
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 9 November
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 9 November
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 12 November (Alternative translation)
Engels to Paul Kersten. 24 November
Marx to Morel. Autumn
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 3 December
Engels to Walery Wroblewski. 4 December
Engels to Friedrich Lessner. 16 December
Marx to Pyotr Lavrov. 17 December