Marx-Engels Correspondence 1883

Engels to Eduard Bernstein
In London


Source: Marx Engels On Art and Literature, Progress Publishers, 1976;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.

July 12-13, 1883

The ass who wrote the article in the Vossische (and four different people have sent me a copy) seems to have stirred up a good deal of sorrow about the sorrowful Marx in our good old Germany. When I'm in the mood for some fun perhaps I'll give him a good kick. If these oxen ever read the correspondence between the Moor and myself, they would be struck dumb. Heine’s poetry is child’s play compared to our impudent, laughing prose. The Moor might have raged, but mope — jamais! I rolled with laughter when I re-read the old things. This correspondence, remarkable also from the historical point of view, is going to fall into the proper hands as far as it depends on me. Unfortunately I have Marx’s letters only from 1849 but these at least are complete.