Marx-Engels Correspondence 1895

Engels To Paul Lafargue
In Paris

Source: Marx-Engels, Selected Correspondence, Progress Publishers. Third revised edition 1975;
Transcribed: by Joska Rabb, Andy Blunden.


London, April 3, 1895

... Liebknecht just played me a nice trick. He has taken from my Introduction to Marx’s articles on France of 1848-50 everything that could serve him to support the tactic of peace at any price and of opposition to force and violence, which it has pleased him for some time now to preach, especially at present when coercive laws are being prepared in Berlin. But I am preaching these tactics only for the Germany of today, and even with an important proviso. In France, Belgium, Italy, and Austria these tactics could not be followed in their entirety and in Germany may become inapplicable tomorrow ...