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The North American Civil War (Marx)25 Oct
The Civil War in the United States (Marx)7 Nov
The Crisis in England (Marx)Nov 6
Economic Notes (Marx)Nov 9
Intervention in Mexico (Marx)Nov 23
Monsieur Fould (Marx)Nov 19
France's Financial Situation (Marx)Nov 23
The Dismissal of Frémont (Marx)Nov 26
The Trent Case (Marx)Dec 2
The Anglo-American Conflict (Marx)Dec 3
The Principal Actors in the Trent Drama (Marx)Dec 8
Controversy over the Trent Case (Marx)Dec 11
The Crisis over the Slavery Issue (Marx)Dec 14
American Matters (Marx)Dec 17
A Slander Trial (Marx)Dec 24
The Washington Cabinet and the Western Powers (Marx)Dec 25
The Opinion of the Newspapers and the Opinion of the People (Marx)Dec 31
French News Humbug.-Economic Consequences of War (Marx)Jan 4
Pro-American Meeting (Marx)Jan 5
More on Seward's Suppressed Dispatch (Marx)Jan 18
A Coup d'Etat by Lord John Russell (Marx)Jan 21
Statistical Observations on the Railway System (Marx)Jan 23
A London Workers' Meeting (Marx)Feb 2
Anti-Intervention Feeling (Marx)Feb 4
On the Cotton Crisis (Marx)Feb 8
English (Marx)Feb 9
The Parliamentary Debate on the Address (Marx)Feb 12
American Affairs (Marx)Mar 3
The Secessionists' Friends in the Lower House.- Recognition of the American Blockade (Marx)Mar 12
The American Civil War (Marx & Engels)Mar 26/27
An International Affaire Mires (Marx)May 2
The English Press and the Fall of New Orleans (Marx)May 20
A Treaty Against the Slave Trade (Marx)May 22
The Situation in the American Theatre of War (Marx & Engels)May 30
English Humanity and America (Marx)Jun 20
The American Civil War and the Ironclads and Rams (Engels)Jul 3
Chinese Affairs (Marx)Jul 7
A Scandal (Marx)Jul 11
A Suppressed Debate on Mexico and the Alliance with France (Marx)Jul 20
A Criticism of American Affairs (Marx)Aug 9
Russell's Protest Against American Rudeness.-The Rise in the Price of Grain.-On the Situation in Italy (Marx)Aug 24
Abolitionist Demonstrations in America (Marx)Aug 30
A Meeting for Garibaldi (Marx)Sep 17
Workers' Distress in England (Marx)Sep 27
Garibaldi Meetings.-The Distressed Condition of Cotton Workers (Marx)Oct 4
Comments on the North American Events (Marx)Oct 12
Bread Manufacture (Marx)Oct 30
The Situation in North America (Marx)Nov 10
Symptoms of Disintegration in the Southern Confederacy (Marx)Nov 14
The Election Results in the Northern States (Marx)Nov 23
The Dismissal of McClellan (Marx)Nov 29
English Neutrality.-The Situation in the Southern States (Marx)Dec 4