Paul Mattick 1969

Marx and Keynes
The Limits of the Mixed Economy

First Published: Extending Horizons Books/Porter Sargent Publisher Boston, 1969;
Source: Kurasje Council Communism Site;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden;
Proofed: and corrected by Chris Clayton 2007.

I. The Keynesian “Revolution”
II. Marx and Keynes
III. Marx’s Labor Theory of Value
IV. Value and Price
V. The Law of Value as “Equilibrium Mechanism”
VI. Accumulation and the Falling Rate of Profit
VII. The “Business Cycle”
VIII. The Realisation of Surplus-Value
IX. Capitalism in Crisis
X. The Expropriation of Capital
XI. Saving Capitalism
XII. Keynesianism in Reverse
XIII. The “Transformation” of Capitalism
XIV. The Mixed Economy
XV. Money and Capital
XVI. Technology and the Mixed Economy
XVII. Capital Formation and Foreign Trade
XVIII. Economic Development
XIX. The Imperialist Imperative
XX. State-Capitalism and The Mixed Economy
XXI. Marxism and Socialism
XXII. Value and Socialism