Messali Hadj 1937

Declaration of the Political Bureau of the Parti du Peuple Algerien

Source: Messali Hadj par les textes; textes choisis et presentés par Jacques Simon. Editions Bouchéne, 2000;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor

In rejecting assimilation, the Parti du Peuple Algerien will work for the total emancipation of Algeria, though not to separate it from France. The emancipation of Algeria will be the work of its children, with the effective assistance of the French people, who should collaborate for the general wellbeing and security of the two countries.

Consequently, an emancipated Algeria, enjoying the democratic freedoms it will have conquered through its action, and having administrative, political and economic autonomy internally, will freely integrate itself into the French collective security system in the Mediterranean.

Emancipated Algeria will be the friend and ally of France. The common interests and security of the two countries demand a frank and loyal entente and collaboration on all sides. The example of Syria and France, of Egypt and England, and of Iraq and England is perfectly indicated, and this is what the PPA wants. It is thus clear that neither assimilation nor separation can be found in the program of the PPA.

Total emancipation being our goal, or our ideal if you will, it is important to look at the current situation with courage and, in keeping with its seriousness, do that which is most pressing and indispensable. The PPA isn’t a party of dreamers or crackpots. It presents a list of immediate demands for Algeria that it wants to see realized as quickly as possible. Our party, being above all practical, will defend the most minimal demands as well as the most important ones.

The actions of the PPA will be part of neither a racial nor a class struggle. It will offer its hand to other communities living among us; it will fraternally offer its hand, without taking into account either race or religion. The only condition it will request is for the unity and the participation of all in the political, economic and social direction of our country.

Not a one-way freedom or a freedom for one clan only. What our party wants is freedom for the whole Algerian population, without distinction of race or religion. Democracy being for all, it should be protected by all.

Thus we have clearly defined the PPA.

El Ouma April 10, 1937