Feliks Mikhailov 1976

The Riddle of the Self

Written: 1976;
Source: The Riddle of the Self;
Publisher: Published in English by Progress Publishers in 1980;
Transcribed: Andy Blunden;
HTML Markup: Andy Blunden;
Proofed: and corrected by Chris Clayton 2006.

Table of Contents



Where Is the Self?
“I” See and “I” Understand

Chapter One: Clear Approaches and Dead-Ends

What Is Knowledge
Something About "Something"
When Is Kant Right?
Towards a Solution

Chapter Two: Social & Individual Consciousness

Bertrand Russell's Mistake
Individual and Social (Hegel versus Russell)
The End of the Mind-Body Problem
Dreams of the Kurshskaya Sand Bar
The Substance of History

Chapter Three: Man and His Thought

Life Source of the Self
The Language of Real Life
When Consciousness Is Conscious of Itself
The Real Life of Language
Language and Consciousness

The Riddle Answered?

Glossary References:

Matter | Consciousness | Materialism | Vygotsky

Further reading:

Awakening to Life, Alexander Meshcheryakov
Thinking & Speaking, Lev Vygotsky
The Thing-in-Itself and Dialectical Materialism, Lenin
Subject Object Cognition, V A Lektorsky