Dora Montefiore Justice 1910

“The Lesser Evil”

Source: Justice, Letters, p. 10, January 1, 1910;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

DEAR COMRADE, — I observe that “Indignant” objects to my advice to voters, when no Socialist is in the field, to “abstain from voting for either evil,” and to mark their ballot papers for the Social Revolution.. His reason for voting for Liberalism, as he evidently intends to do, is that we must have one of the two evils.” Of course we must, as long as there exists a mass of confused reasoners like “Indignant,” who continue to vote for a Party which helped to throw out the “Right to Work Bill,” which shot down peaceful citizens at Belfast, which legally murdered Egyptians at Denshawai, which handcuffs women with their hands behind them during the day, and with their hands in front during the night, and which turns the Police of London into a band of brutal, bludgeoning Cossacks. “Down with the House of Lords!” (as “Indignant” remarks) by all means! But if “Indignant” thinks that by casting what should be Socialist votes for Liberals he is helping to “down” the Lords, I would advise him to read the history of the various political crises Of the last 50 years, and to note that this is not the first time the nation has been invited by the Liberals to give them a mandate against the Lords; and when that mandate has been obtained, the Lords have continued to flourish undisturbed in the land. — Fraternally,