Dora B. Montefiore May 1911

Australian Workers Condemn the Coronation

Source: Anonymous, but certainly by Dora B. Montefiore, in Justice, May 6, 1911, p.1;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford

The “Barrier Daily Truth” has a vehement attack upon what it calls “the Coronation jaunt” of Australian Labour representatives to this country. At a meeting of the Australian Miners’ Association a resolution was adopted as follows : “That this Association enters its protest against the attendance of any Labour member at the King’s Coronation at the working classes’ expense, and thinks that their time would be better occupied in attending to the business of legislation for the benefit of the working class; and, above all, we deprecate the contemplated action of Federal Ministers in taking home the heads of their respective departments, whom we consider have already had too much of the wealth produced by the workers of Australia.” We can heartily endorse the comment of our spirited Colonial contemporary, that the motion might with great advantage have gone further and expressed disapproval of any members of Parliament taking prolonged holidays at the expense of the nation.” And we are glad to know that the Miners’ Union do not stand alone in their condemnation of this wasteful exhibition of Colonial flunkeyism. Similar resolutions have been passed by other organisations, and we are pleased to believe that, whatever gush may be indulged in about Colonial loyalty, the bulk of Working-class Colonials experience no sentiment other than indifference towards our “gracious sovereign” George. And why should they? They are practically self-governing Republics, and would brook no interference from our king. Why, then, should their statesmen come over here to do homage to an institution they despise instead of stopping at home and minding their own business?