Dora B. Montefiore July 1920

“Mrs Montefiore and North Edinburgh”

Source: Letter in The Call, 1 July 1920, p.5;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

Mrs. Montefiore and. N. Edinburgh
To the Editor of The Call.

Dear Comrade, – As I note in the Daily Herald of March 24th a paragraph stating that I have “withdrawn” my candidature for North Edinburgh,- I feel it incumbent on me to explain that I could not withdraw what had never existed. There had been, since March 8th, a correspondence between some Scottish comrades and myself on the subject of my contesting South Edinburgh in the event of Lady Bonham Carter running as a Liberal, and when she announced that there was no likelihood of her standing, I was asked to allow my name to go forward as a “Communist candidate against all comers at the first bye-election in Edinburgh district.” I replied to this request that I was entirely in the hands of the Organisation Committee of the B.S.P. in regard to such a candidature, and that nothing must be done in the matter till their reply was ascertained. I learnt last Saturday, the 24th, that the O.C. was not in favour of my name going forward in such a connection, and the matter had, therefore, I thought, dropped before it had become one of public interest, and certainly before I had accepted the Communist candidature for North Edinburgh. I have written to the same effect to the Daily Herald.