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Woman Pioneer Passes

Mrs. Montefiore’s Work for Socialism

Source: Daily Herald, 28 December 1933, p. 11
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Mrs. Dora Montefiore, a pioneer of social democracy in this country, who died at Hastings just before Christmas, was cremated at Golders Green, NW yesterday.

A colleague of HM Hyndman. Harry Quelch and the leaders of the Social Democratic Federation, Mrs. Montefiore took an outstanding part in the early struggles of the Socialist Movement. Of recent years she was compelled to withdraw from active political work owing to increasing ill-health and failing eyesight.

Lately she had become quite blind, but to the end she followed with close interest the affairs of the Socialist and Labour Movement.

An old friend of Clara Zetkin, the German woman leader, she became in her closing years a member of the Communist Party. She was prominent in the struggle for women's suffrage.

When close on 83 years of age, Mrs Montefiore dictated a message to a friend denouncing the reactionary view of women adopted by Mussolini and Hitler.