Dora Montefiore Archive


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Montefiore arrived back in the United Kingdom on the 14th September after an absence of nearly two years in Australia and South Africa. The following seven articles were written just before the Basle Conference or after it on other matters. It will be apparent how little in common Montefiore had with the bourgeois feminists of the period since she always put a hard Marxist position and warmly defended her party. She writes as often in the Daily Herald as in her party’s weekly Justice.—Ted Crawford

The Power of Women to Stop War, November 2, 1912

Sudden Jolt Forward of the World, November 6, 1912

Womanhood Suffrage, November 9, 1912

How “Labour” Party Bluffs the People, November 15, 1912

Women and War, November 21, 1912

“Women and War”, November 25, 1912

To Prevent War, November 28, 1912