Albert Moreau

Not a Latin-American Party Member for Lovestone

Source: Daily Worker, Vol. VI, No. 206, November 4, 1929
Transcription/Markup: Paul Saba
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The revolutionary age, the counter-revolutionary sheet of the expelled Lovestone group is enraged for its failure to recruit anti-Communist adepts among the Latin-American workers of the Party. Concomitant with its policy of renegadism, it pledges itself in its first issue to be unscrupulous and use any conceivable lie in order to attack the Party and its loyal members. Commenting on the expulsion of Saby Nehama from the New York Spanish Workers Club, it says: “Albert Moreau who was doing the dirty work tried to mask his actions and made all sorts of slanderous attacks against Comrade Nehama.”

What were the facts on the matter? Why is it that satrap of Nehama did not state the truth before the editorial staff of his paper? Why do the Lovestoneites who know the real cause of his expulsion not mention it in the comment? Because Saby Nehama is a foreman and on this ground he was expelled from the Spanish Workers Club.

There was no “slanderous” attack against the foreman renegade but, on the contrary, every Latin-American Party member, took the floor at that meeting and in a true Communist manner defended the Party against the vicious attacks made by Nehama. Saby Nehama had the indecency to deny his being a foreman but facts cannot be disputed. Only a few days ago, we had the opportunity to meet a worker who toils in the sweat shop, complaining of the incessant reprimands this worker gets from this foreman Nehama for coming late in the morning. I remember having conversations with some of the ex-comrades in which we again and again had come to the realization that Nehama’s job of foreman is incompatible with membership in the Party. I personally happened to be present in the shop on various occasions and saw Nehama performing his duties of the boss’ tool of exploitation. Nehama is a foreman in one of the worst sweat shops of the city where the workers toil for $15 to $20 per week on a 48-hour week. But Nehama, presumably being ashamed to state before Latin-American workers that he is a “worker,” had told them the truth in private conversation, that he is a foreman. Four Latin-American comrades brought the charges demanding his expulsion. No member could be found to defend him. But Lovestone puts this exploiter on his “National Council”!

The case needs no further explanation. In their vicious attacks upon the Party the Lovestoneites stoop low and will do so in the future. They will not get any Latin-American workers to play a treacherous role against their Party and the Communist International.