Letter to the Parties of Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil

Source: Komintern y America Latina. En documentos del Archivo de Moscu
Transcription/Translation/Markup: Paul Saba
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July 24, 1930

Dear comrades:

The Communist Party of the United States, after having cleared its ranks of the opportunists, has not only begun a great agitation and organization of the masses of this country, but has turned to very closely following the development of the revolutionary movement of the colonial countries of Latin America, in order to give them all the support and help that is owed to them by us as a party of the metropolis.

With this goal, at the last convention of the party, held last month, for the first time we assumed our responsibilities in relation to the colonial and semi-colonial countries of Latin America in order to give them the greatest possible attention and, to that end, the Colonial Bureau was organized, which is made up of Latin American and American comrades, in order that this organization carry out all the colonial tasks of our party.

The struggle of the communist parties of Latin America is the same as that of the Communist Party of the United States, it is the struggle for the overthrow of Yankee imperialism. The Communist Party of the United States believes that the only way to undertake the solidarity work required of our Party in relation to that struggle is by developing a close and constant exchange with you that will allow us to support each other with regard to the tasks, tactics and struggles of all parties respectively.

For that purpose we believe that it is necessary, first, to take a series of practical measures aimed at making our communications feasible, which we specify in the following points and that we hope you will take into account, point by point.

For the Colonial Bureau of the CPUSA,

Alberto Moreau, Secretary