Andrés Nin 1937

Final Declaration to the Police

Source: Andreu Nin Foundation;
Translated: for by Louise McTavish.

On the 16th June 1937, a group of police officers arrested Andrés Nin in Barcelona. Four declarations made in front of the police in Madrid appeared in judicial documents, the last of which consists of what happened on the 21st June 1937. This final declaration has never been heard and so is a summarized account, with notable omissions, of the life and revolutionary actions of Nin. From the 22nd June, we lose all trace of him. It is known that he was brutally tortured and assassinated by Stalinist agents. Therefore, this text is the last known testament of Andrés Nin. Only his assassins would have been able to add anything more.

On the 21st June 1937, at 3.20pm, the person whose name is given in the margin states that:

Signed: Andrés Nin.