Hugo Dewar and Daniel Norman 1957

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Hungary

Source: A pamphlet published in 1957 by the Socialist Union of Central-Eastern Europe, 489 Oxford Street, London W1.

Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.
Basic spelling errors have been corrected, and Hungarian names have (I hope) been correctly rendered.

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The Authors

Hugo Dewar has published several pamphlets and three books: Assassins at Large (Wingate, 1951) – a full account of the executions outside Russia ordered by the GPU; and The Modern Inquisition (Wingate, 1953) – a history and an analysis of the ‘confession trials’ in the USSR and the People’s Democracies, and Communist politics in Britain: The CPGB from its origins to the Second World War.

Daniel Norman has represented for several years the Rumanian Social-Democratic Party at the Socialist International. During the war he served as a volunteer in the French army and spent five years in German captivity. Since 1951 he has been established in London as a journalist. In 1955 he published Marx and Soviet Reality (Background Books – The Phoenix Press).

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I: Background to the Revolution
II: The Communists and the Revolution
III: The Workers and the Kádár Government
IV: The Youth
V: The Social-Democrats
VI: The Lessons of the Revolution
VII: The Scapegoats
VIII: The Policy of Reprisals
IX: Chronology


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