[William F.Warde]

Documentary Studies on the Sino-Soviet Rift

(Summer 1963)

Source: International Socialist Review, Vol.24 No.3, Summer 1963, p.99.
(William F. Warde was a pseudonym of George Novack.)
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Albania and the Sino-Soviet Rift
by William E. Griffith
The M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 1963. 421 pp. Cloth $7.50. Paper $2.95.

Khrushchev Speaks
Edited, with Commentary by Thomas P. Whitney
The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1963. $7.50.

Not much information is available in English about the role of Albania in the Sino-Soviet dispute. This book is the first detailed examination of the background, causes and development of the differences between Tirana and Moscow which resulted in an open break in late 1961 and has continued with mounting vehemence since.

In addition to tracing the complicated course of relations between the Soviet Union, Communist China and Albania from 1960 to 1963, the author analyzes the conflict between Yugoslavia and Albania which is one of the main reasons for Tirana’s antagonism toward Moscow and alliance with Peking. The book contains translations of 34 Albanian and Soviet documents pertaining to the key issues in their dissension. This first publication by the Center for International Studies is a useful scholarly study of the politics of the small European country which has so big a part in the Great Debate.

Khurshchev Speaks is a compilation of speeches by the Soviet leader, and is a useful book for students of the Soviet Union.

A reading of both these documents will provide a much better understanding of some of the basic causes that underlie the current Moscow-Peking dispute.



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