Staff of Morning Freiheit

M. J. Olgin: Leader and Teacher

Source: M. J. Olgin: Leader and Teacher
Published: Workers Library Publishers, New York, December 1939.
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters, Mitch Abidor and Brian Reid
Proofreader: Chris Clayton
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This pamphlet, compiled and edited by the co-workers of Moissaye J. Olgin on the Morning Freiheit, is published in tribute to a beloved and great Communist leader. It is impossible, within the scope of this short pamphlet, to do justice to the depth and wealth of his writings. Assembled here are but a few representative articles in English from his daily column in the Morning Freiheit, together with his last speech, delivered in Madison Square Garden, on November 13, 1939, on the occasion of the twenty-second anniversary of the Soviet Union.



1. M. J. Olgin, 1878-1939

2. “He Wrote His Name in the Hearts of the Masses”

3. “A Great Symbol of a Great Movement”

4. The Real World of Tomorrow

5. Jewish Reconstruction on the Order of the Day

6. The Anti-Red Hysteria in the Jewish Field

7. How Not to Argue Against Anti-Semitism

8. The Pest

9. Jewish Youth Speaks

10. Gorky

11. The Soviet Union and National Liberation