George Padmore

The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers


First published: by the Red International of Labour of Unions Magazine for the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers, London, 1931.
Source: Maoist Internationalist Movement.
Transcribed: by Christian Hogsbjerg for 2007.



Part 1

1. Oppression of Negro Toilers (Africa)

I. British South Africa
II. British East Africa
III. British West Africa
IV. French Africa
V. Belgian Africa
VI. Portuguese Africa
VII. Spanish and Italian Africa

2. Black Slaves in the New World

I. The United States of America
II. The West Indies
III. Latin America

3. Under the Yoke of Yankee Imperialism

I. Haiti
II. Liberia
III. San Domingo
IV. Abyssinia

Part 2.

4. The Awakening of Negro Toilers

I. South Africa
II. East Africa
III. West Africa
IV. The Congo Territories
V. Haiti
VI. West Indies
VII. The United States

5. Black Soldiers of Imperialism

I. The War Danger
II. Origin of the French African Army
III. British Colonial Troops
IV. Negro Troops of the U.S.A.
V. The Congo Army

6. Revolutionary Perspectives

I. Role of the R.I.L.U. in the Struggles of the Negro Workers
II. What Must Be Done?


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