Art and Social Life by G. V. Plekhanov 1912

Name index

Alexander I (1777-1825) Russian Emperor (1801-25)

Alexinsky, Grigory Alexeyevich (b. 1879) Russian Social-Democrat; during the period of reaction (1907-10), one of the organisers of the anti-Party group Vperyod, subsequently a reactionary

Aristogeiton (6th century B.C.) Athenian who was put to death for conspiring against the tyrants Hipparchus and Hippias

Aristotle (384-322 B. C.) Great thinker of Ancient Greece

Augier, Emile (1820-1889) French playwright

Banville, Théodore de (1823-1891) French poet

Barbey d’Aurevilly, Jules (1808-1889) French writer, representative of reactionary romanticism

Barrès, Auguste Maurice (1862-1923) French writer and publicist, ideologist of Catholicism

Bassompierre, François de (1579-1646) French marshal and diplomatist

Bastiat, Frédéric (1801-1850) French vulgar economist, preached harmony of labour and capital

Baudelaire, Charles (1821-1862) French poet

Belinsky, Vissarion Grigoryevich (1811-1848) Russian revolutionary democrat, literary critic and publicist

Benkendorf, Alexander Christophorovich, Count (1783-1844) Chief of political police in Russia under Nicholas I

Bertrand, Louis Marie Emile (1866-1941) French writer and literary critic

Bogdanov A. (Malinovsky, Alexander Alexandrovich) (1873-1928) Russian philosopher, sociologist and economist; Social-Democrat; in philosophy displayed revisionist views

Böhm von Bawerk, Eugen (1851-1914) Austrian vulgar economist

Bourget, Paul (1852-1935) French writer and literary critic

Brandes, Georg (1842-1927) Danish literary historian and publicist

Cassagne, Albert (1869-1916) French literary critic and historian

Chernyshevsky, Nikolai Gavrilovich (1828-1889) Russian revolutionary democrat, utopian socialist and materialist philosopher

Cimabue, Giovanni (Cenni di Pepo) (1240-c. 1302) Italian artist

Curel, François de (1854-1928) French playwright

David, Jacques Louis (1748-1825) outstanding French artist

Delacroix, Eugène (1798-1863) French artist, representative of romanticism

Dobrolyubov, Nikolai Alexandrovich (1836-1861) Russian revolutionary democrat, literary critic and publicist

Du Bois, Reymond Emil (1818-1896) German physiologist; agnostic

Duccio di Buoninsegna (c. 1255-1319) Italian painter, founder of the Sienese school of painting

Dumas fils, Alexandre (1824-1895) French novelist and playwright

Dupont, Pierre (1821-1870) French poet

Fedotov, Pavel Andreyevich (1815-1852) Russian painter

Feuerbach, Ludwig (1804-1872) German materialist philosopher

Filosofov, Dmitry Vladimirovich (1872-1940) Russian publicist and critic; mystic

Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880) French realist writer

Gautier, Théophile (1811-1872) French romantic novelist and poet

Giotto di Bondone (1266 [or 1276]-1337) Italian painter, father of realism in Renaissance painting

Gleizes, Albert (1881-1953) French painter, outstanding representative and theoretician of cubism

Gogol, Nikolai Vasilyevich (1809-1852) Russian writer

Golitsyn, Dmitry Alexeyevich, Count (1734-1803) Russian scholar, writer and diplomatist; author of works on natural science, philosophy and economics

Goncourt, Edmond (1822-1896) and Jules Alfred de (1830-1870) French writers, representatives of naturalism

Grasset, Joseph (1849-1918) French professor of medicine and philosopher

Hamsun, Knut (Pedersen) (1859-1952) Norwegian writer of reactionary political views

Harmodius (6th century B. C.) Athenian who was executed for conspiring against the tyrants Hipparchus and Hippias

Helvetius, Claude Adrien (1715-1771) French materialist philosopher

Herzen, Alexander Ivanovich (1812-1870) Russian revolutionary democrat, writer, materialist philosopher

Hippius, Zinaida Nikolayevna (1869-1945) Russian reactionary poetess, representative of symbolism

Hugo, Victor (1802-1885) French novelist and poet, an outstanding representative of romanticism

Huret, Jules (1864-1915) French journalist, published several collections of quotations of noted personalities on literature, public life, etc.

Huysmans, Joris Karl (1848-1907) French symbolist writer; decadent

Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich (1806-1858) Russian painter

Ivanov-Razumnik (Razumnik Vasilyevich Ivanov) (1878-1945) Russian Narodnik, literary critic and sociologist

Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804) German philosopher, founder of German classical idealism

Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887) Russian painter and public figure

Kukolnik, Nestor Vasilyevich (1809-1868) Russian reactionary novelist and playwright

Lamartine, Alphonse de (1790-1869) French poet, historian and politician

Lange, Friedrich Albert (1828-1875) German Neo-Kantian philosopher, economist

Laprade, Pierre Martin Victor (1812-1883) French poet

Laurent-Pichat, Léon (1823-1886) French poet and publicist

Leconte de Lisle, Charles (1818-1894) French poet

Léger, Fernand (1881-1955) French painter

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Italian painter, scientist and engineer, one of the greatest men of the Renaissance

Leroux, Pierre (1797-1871) French utopian socialist

Louis XIV (1638-1715) King of France (1643-1715)

Louis Philippe (1713-1850) King of France (1830-1848)

Lunacharsky, Anatoly Vasilyevich (1875-1933) Prominent Russian Bolshevik; subsequently Soviet statesman and public figure, publicist and literary critic; during the years of reaction (1907-10), member of the anti-Party Vperyod group

Mackey, John Heinrich (1864-1933) German poet of Scottish origin, anarchist

Marx, Karl (1818-1883)

Mauclair, Camille (1872-1945) French writer and art critic

Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich (1866-1941) Russian novelist and poet, religious philosopher

Metzinger, Jean (b. 1883) French artist, representative of cubism

Musset, Alfred de (1810-1857) French romantic poet

Napoleon I Bonaparte (1769-1821) Emperor of France (1804-14 and 1815)

Napoleon III (1809-1873) Emperor of France (1852-70)

Narezhny, Vasily Trofimovich (1780-1825) Russian writer

Nekrasov, Nikolai Alexeyevich (1821-1878) Russian poet, revolutionary democrat

Nero (37-68) Roman emperor (54-68)

Nicholas I (1796-1855) Emperor of Russia (1825-55)

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900) German reactionary idealist philosopher

Ostrovsky, Alexander Nikolayevich (1823-1886) Russian playwright

Paskevich, Ivan Fyodorovich (1782-1856) Russian general, reactionary statesman

Perov, Vasily Grigoryevich (1833 [34]-1882) Russian painter and graphic artist

Perugino (Pietro di Christophoro Vannucci) (c. 1445-1523) Italian painter of the Renaissance

Peter I (1672-1725) Russian tsar (1682-1721) and Emperor of Russia (1721-1725)

Pisarev, Dmitry Ivanovich (1840-1869) Russian literary critic and publicist, revolutionary democrat

Plato (427-347 B.C.) Idealist philosopher of ancient Greece

Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849) American writer

Polevoi, Ksenofont Alexeyevich (1801-1867) Russian writer and critic, brother of N.A. Polevoi

Polevoi, Nikolai Alexeyevich (1796-1846) Russian journalist, writer and historian

Przybyszewski, Stanislaw (1868-1927) Polish writer, decadent and mystic

Pushkin, Alexander Sergeyevich (1799-1837) Great Russian poet

Raphael, Sanzio (1483-1520) Great Italian painter

Razumovsky, Alexei Kirillovich (1748-1822) Minister of Education under Alexander I

Renan, Joseph Ernest (1823-1892) French historian of religion, idealist philosopher

Ricardo, David (1772-1823) English economist, an outstanding representative of bourgeois classical political economy

Ruskin, John (1819-1900) English theoretician of art, critic and publicist

Sand, George (pseudonym of Aurore Dudevant) (1804-1876) French novelist

Sergeyev-Tsensky, Sergei Nikolayevich (1875-1958) Russian Soviet writer

Shchedrin (Saltykov-Shchedrin), Mikhail Yevgrafovich (1826-1889) Russian satirist

Shchogolev, Pavel Yeliseyevich (1877-1931) Russian Soviet literary critic

Shirinsky-Shikhmatov, Platon Alexandrovich (1790-1853) Minister of Education in Russia from 1850 to 1853

Sieyès, Abbé Emanuel Joseph (1748-1836) Leader in the French bourgeois revolution of the end of the 18th century

Soury, Jules-Auguste (1842-1915) French philosopher, Neo-Kantian

Speransky, Valentin Nikolayevich – historian of philosophy, privat-dozent of St. Petersburg University

Stasov, Vladimir Vasilyevich (1824-1906) Russian musical and art critic

Sudermann, Hermann (1857-1928) German playwright and novelist

Tabarant, Adolf (b. 1863) Belgian writer

Tolstoy, Alexei Konstantinovich (1817-1875) Russian poet and playwright

Turgenev, Ivan Sergeyevich (1818-1883) Russian writer

Uspensky, Gleb Ivanovich (1843-1902) Russian writer

Vigny, Alfred de (1797-1863) French romantic poet and novelist

Wagner, Richard (1813-1883) German composer

Zola, Emile (1840-1902) French writer

Zhukovsky, Vasily Andreyevich (1783-1852) Russian poet