Pol Pot


On Vietnamese Aggression


Written: Excerpted from words delivered at the banquet given in honor of the Chinese party and government gelegation headed by CPC Central Committee Vice-Chairman Wang Tung-hsing on 5 November 1978.
Originally Published: Quoted in "Chinese Party and Government Delegation Visists Kampuchea", Peking Review num. 45 of 1978
Transcription/Markup for Marxists.org: Juan Fajardo, January 2020.


Since the Soviet Union -the international expansionist big power- has taken an active part in the design and sent thousands of military advisers and large quantities of military supplies, Viet Nam has deployed in the last rainy season and is still deploying at a fast pace its aggressor forces for unleashing a second large-scale strategic attack [against Kampuchea] in this dry season.


Viet Nam and its master -the Soviet internationa expansionists- cannot do what they like with the Kampuchean nation and people. Their aggression is bound to meet with a defeat more severe and disastruous than they suffered at the end of 1977 and in 1978.

The best and only way out for Viet Nam is to stop immediately its aggression against Kampuchea and sign a Kampuchean-Vietnamese treaty of friendship and non-aggression.  This alone conforms to the interests of Viet Nam and Kampuchea and those of Southeast Asia, Asia, and the world.