Gilbert Giles Roper, 1983

Labor’s titan
The story of Percy Brookfield, 1878-1921

First published: Warrnambool Institute Press, 1983
Source: Book, produced from an unpublished manuscript left by Gilbert Giles Roper on his death in 1974, edited by Wendy and Allan Scarfe, 1983
Copyright: Copyright to this work is held by Allan and Wendy Scarfe. This edition for Marxists Internet Archive is produced with permission. This edition may be used for private study, but not for any commercial purpose.
Transcription and mark-up: Steve Painter

Table of contents

Introduction. The author and Percy Brookfield
Author’s 1971 preface
Chapter 1. The Australian background
Chapter II. Against militarism and war
Chapter III. At the head of the struggle
Chapter IV. Bump me into parliament
Chapter V. A new type of parliamentarian
Chapter VI. Behold an honest politician
Chapter VII. “Justice and truth have been vindicated”
Chapter VIII. The tragedy at Riverton
Appendix: Time chart of key events