Alfred Rosmer 1922
Fourth Congress of the Communist International

Protest against Arrest of Polish Deputies

November 17, 1922

Source: Published in Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922, p. 462.
Translation: John Riddell.
HTML Markup: David Walters for the Marxists Internet Archive, 2018.
Copyright: John Riddell, 2017. Republished here with permission.

Comrades, reports from Warsaw tell us that the police have arrested Comrade Stefan Rybacki, who was elected to parliament by thirty-two thousand votes of miners in the Dombrowa basin. His arrest was based on tsarist laws that are still in force in Poland.

Comrade Stefan Kr√≥likowski, elected in Warsaw with twenty-seven thousand votes, is also in jail. This violent infringement of the will of tens of thousands of worker-voters is a new link in the chain of base persecution of the Communist movement in this ‘democratic’ republic of ‘liberated’ Poland.

Following on its judicial crime against Comrade Dombal, who has bravely declared for communism, the national government is now seeking to gag the representatives of the revolutionary proletariat, elected to parliament despite the unleashing of White Terror.

The congress of the Communist International expresses to workers of the world its abhorrence of the barbaric actions of a government of lackeys of international capitalism and its admiration for the Polish proletariat, which is defending with unbending courage and under exceptionally difficult conditions the cause of freedom and humanity.


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