M.N. Roy 1921
Third Congress of the Communist International

Speech in Discussion of Eastern Question
July 12, 1921

Source: Published in To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921 (https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/897-to-the-masses), pp. 855-856
Translation: John Riddell
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I have been given five minutes for my report. Since the topic could not be exhausted even in an hour, I will use these five minutes to launch an energetic protest.

The way that the Eastern question has been handled at this congress is purely opportunistic and more appropriate for a congress of the Second International. It is impossible to reach any specific conclusions in the few comments that delegates from the East are permitted to make.

I protest against this way of dealing with the Eastern question. It was included in the congress agenda by decision of a meeting of the Executive. But during the entire course of the congress, no attention was paid to this question. Finally, yesterday, there was a session of the commission, but it presented a very pathetic spectacle. Not a single representative of the European and American delegations was present. Because of the confusion attending the congress, the commission had not been constituted.[1] It decided not to adopt any theoretical resolution on the Eastern question. This decision is absolutely incorrect and should not be allowed to stand. I therefore call on the congress to refer the Eastern question to a constituted commission and give it the serious treatment it deserves.




1. The decision to establish the Eastern Commission was made in session 16.