M.I.A. Library: S. J. Rutgers

S. J. Rutgers


"But when you see before your eyes that capitalism has reached a stage in which it can only exist by wasting and destroying its own products; where it can only maintain the position of its ruling class by brute power and corruption, and still you think that times are not ripe, that you will have to wait some centuries more, well then you are simply a slave in body and mind and you will get all you deserve. It is up to labor to take its own fate into its own hands. It is up to labor to start a fight that will not end until we have victory. This will have to be a harsh fight; it will mean defeats as well as victories. It will mean victims and martyrs. But to be killed in a war for imperialism seems worse than being killed in fighting against imperialism. ... Take the best of your chances and take it in your own hands." (Fighting for Peace, 1916)


Down with American Militarism, July 1915
Far Eastern Imperialism: 1. Modern Imperialism, September 1915
Far Eastern Imperialism: 2. China, October 1915
Far Eastern Imperialism: 3. Japan, November 1915
Fighting for Peace, January 1916
Fighting for Peace, January 1916
Review of Socialism and War by Louis B. Boudin, February 1916
The Left Wing: 1. The Battle Cry of a New International, May 1916
The Left Wing: 2. Imperialism, June 1916
The Left Wing: 3. Economic Causes of Imperialism, July 1916
The Left Wing: 4. The Passing of the Old Democracy, August 1916
The Left Wing Socialists: 5. The Passing of the Old Democracy, October 1916
The Left Wing: 6. Mass Action and Mass Democracy, November 1916
The Railworkers' "Victory", November 1916
The Left Wing: 7. An Actual Beginning, December 1916
Mass Action in Russia, January 1917
The Future of International Socialism, March 1917
Principles of the Socialist Propaganda League (letter to the New York Call), March 1917
Fighting Big Capital (letter to the New York Call), April 1917
Letter From Karl Liebknecht, April 1917
Our Action Against Conscription, June 1917
Introduction to the History of Japanese Labor, July 1917
World Policies, September 1917
Boudin's Policy in Peace and War, October 1917
Imperialism and the New Middle Class, December 1917
Greetings from Soviet Russia, August 1919
Kautsky-Wilson, August 1919
The League of Nations and the Small Nations, October 1919
The Intellectuals and the Russian Revolution, 1921?