Thomas Sankara


A United Front Against Debt



Delivered: In French, on 29 July 1987, at the summit of the Organization of African Unity held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Source of the translation into English: Thomas Sankara, "A United Front Against Debt", Viewpoint Magazine online (pub. 1 February 2018; accessed 20 October 2019).  This is a modified translation of Thomas Sankara’s speech, “Discours sur le Front Uni Contre La Dette,” delivered at the 1987 Organisation of African Unity conference held in Addis Abada, Ethiopia. The basis for the present version comes from both a subtitled video recording of the address as well as a recent English translation published in Documenta 14: South as a State of Mind.
This edition: Marxists Internet Archive, October 2019.
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