Bernice Shoul

The Marxian Theory of Capitalist Breakdown

Written: 1947 
First Published: submitted April 1, 1947
Source: Unpublished Thesis submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the PhD at Radcliffe College,.
Translated: n.a.
Transcription/Markup: (In process - PDFs are temporary) Steve Palmer
Proofread: Steve Palmer
Copyleft: Reproduction by permission of the Shoul estate. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the Creative Commons License.

Preface (PDF - 335 KB)

1. Functions of a Theory of Value(PDF - 706 KB)

2. The Marxian Theory of Value: A Critique of Political Economy(PDF - 689 KB)

3. Marx's Method(PDF - 776 KB)  

4. Marx's Theory of Capitalist Breakdown(PDF - 1,177 KB)  

5. Marx's Theory of Crisis: The  Answer to Say's Law(PDF - 850 KB)

6. The Breakdown Controversy in Neo-Marxian Literature: The Theories of Underconsumption and Disproportionality(PDF - 1,046 KB)

7. The Complete Theory of Breakdown Based on Falling Profits(PDF - 1,042 KB)

Bibliography(PDF - 176KB)