Soong Ch'ing-ling



Oppose the Military Provocations of U.S. Imperialism


Renmin Ribao, September 8, 1958


Source: "Soong Ching Ling, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress: Oppose the Military Provocations of U.S. Imperialism", in Oppose U.S. Military Provocations in the Taiwan Straits Area (A Selection of Important Documents), Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1958; pages 31-33.
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The statement of Premier Chou En-lai on the situation in the Taiwan Straits area fully demonstrates the will and determination of the six hundred million Chinese people. The statement made by U.S. Secretary of State Dulles under the authorization of U.S. President Eisenhower, which is full of war provocations, shows that the United States is creating tension in the Taiwan Straits area, openly interfering with our country’s internal affairs and seriously menacing world peace. This barefaced aggressive action of the United States has aroused indignation of all the Chinese people and caused anxiety among the people throughout the world. All fair-minded public opinion in the world acknowledges that Taiwan and the Penghu Islands have been China’s territories since ancient times. For the Chinese people to liberate their own territories of Taiwan and the Penghu Islands is entirely China’s internal affair. The United States has no right to interfere. But the United States openly supports the Chiang Kai-shek clique which has long been repudiated by the Chinese people, and is using direct military forces to occupy the area. Now the United States has gone further to declare that it wants to extend its aggression to the coastal islands. We absolutely cannot tolerate this outrageous interference and naked aggression. The aggression of the United States imperialists will certainly arouse condemnation and opposition among the people throughout the world.

I fully support Premier Chou En-lai’s statement and will work, alongside all the Chinese people, to check the provocative action of the United States. If the United States is determined to force war on the Chinese people, we will not be intimidated by the war provocateurs. We love peace and need peace, but will absolutely not beg for peace. Just as in the past when we were able to drive from our country’s mainland the imperialists and the reactionary clique that were armed to the teeth, so today, nine years after the founding of the People s Republic of China, when the whole country is unprecedentedly united under the Chinese Communist Party and carrying out construction at a great speed, we are even more confident of liberating all' of our country’s territory and dealing heavy blows against the aggression of the imperialists.

The people throughout our country, guided by the Chinese Communist Party’s general line for socialist construction, are making a giant leap forward. Our country is stronger than ever before. We are fully capable of, in a very short space of time, catching up with and surpassing Britain in the output of major industrial products. We have the complete strength to defend our country’s territory and deal counter-blows against the aggression of the imperialists. Should the United States be so crazy as to start a war, it will surely meet with disaster! Justice is on our side; victory will be ours!

Let us proclaim: We support Premier Chou En-lai’s statement!

Oppose U.S. imperialist interference with our internal affairs!

Oppose U.S. imperialist military provocations and war threats!

Oppose U.S. imperialist menace to peace in the Far East and the world!

We are determined to liberate Quemoy and Matsu!

We are determined to liberate Taiwan!

U.S. troops, clear out of the Taiwan area!

Salute the heroic warriors at the Fukien front!

Long live the heroic Chinese People’s Liberation Army!

Long live the People’s Republic of China!

Long live the socialist camp headed by the Soviet Union!

Long live the national independence movements in Asia, Africa and Latin America!

Long live world peace!