I. N. Steinberg 1953

The Workshop Of The Revolution

First published: 1953, by Rinehardt & Company, NYC/Toronto;
Transcribed: by Curtis Price from the original book.

Table of Contents

About the Author and the Book


Chronological Table

I Revolution
II From February to October
III The Constituent Assembly
IV Outlawed
V The Cheka Is Cheated
VI Two Ministers Are Assassinated
VII The Case Antonov
VIII The Baltic Barons
IX Marxism Versus Populism
X The Terror of the Populists
XI What Is the Bolshevik Terror?
XII Bolshevik Terror in Action
XIII The Revolution Imprisoned – I
XIV The Revolution Imprisoned – II
XV Five Types of Russian Revolutionist

I Rebel for Himself
II The Scientific Revolutionist
III. The Esthetic Revolutionist
IV Revolutionist By Compassion
V Revolutionist By Love

XVI Felix E. Dzershinsky
XVII Peace Brought No Peace
XVIII Spiridonova’s Letter to the Bolsheviks
XIX Russia’s Peasants
XX Postscript to “Peace”

XXI The Rebellion of Kronstadt