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E.P. Thompson

E.P. Thompson



Biographical Note in MIA Glossary

The making of a working class historian, by Duncan Hallas

E.P. Thompson – 1924–1973, by Michael Löwy

E.P. Thompson as Historian, Teacher and Political Activist, by Barbara Winslow


William Morris and the Moral Issues Today, Winter 1951.

Socialism and the Intellectuals, Spring 1957.

Socialism and the Intellectuals – A Reply, Summer 1957.

Socialist Humanism, Summer 1957.

God & King & Law, Winter 1957.

Agency and Choice – I, Summer 1958.

NATO, Neutralism and Survival, Summer 1958.

William Morris, 1959.

Commitment in Politics, Spring 1959.

The New Left, May 1959.

A Psessay in Ephology, Autumn 1959.

Revolution, 1960.

At the Point of Decay, 1960.

The Peculiarities of the English, 1965.

An Open Letter to Leszek Kolakowski, 1973.

Eleanor Marx, 1976.

Caudwell, 1977.

The Poverty of Theory, 1978.

Outside the Whale, 1978.


Letter to Fred, c. 1948 (found in a copy of "There is a spirit in Europe..: A memoir of Frank Thompson," by T.J.T and E.P.T., Gollancz, 1947).


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