Leon Trotsky

History of the
Russian Revolution
to Brest-Litovsk


Written: February 1918
Publisher: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1919
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive, 2000
Transcribed: David Walters
HTML Markup: David Walters

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Written in 1918 at Brest-Litvosk during the negotiations between the new Soviet government lead by Lenin and Trotsky and the Kaiser’s army. The Russian front was falling apart with Russian soldiers evacuating the front in the face of a German onslaught. In order to save the situation and the collapse of the Revolution, Leon Trotsky, Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs, was dispatched to the front to start these negotiations on behalf of the new revolutionary government.

The Soviet government was under attack not just by German imperialism but by those on the left, who attacked even the very idea of negotiations with imperialists. This left wing opposition was manifested also inside the Communist movement in Germany as well. Confusion reigned on both sides of the front. This booklet was written and addressed, in large part, to these German workers and soldiers who were confused by the Bolshevik and Soviet negotiations with representatives of their own ruling class. The Comintern later translated and distributed this book throughout the world. Despite this, very few copies have survived the Stalinist purges of the Communist Party in the 1930s. This edition was printed in 1919 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd in Britain.


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