The Military Writings of
Leon Trotsky

Volume 2, 1919

How the Revolution Armed

The Eastern Front

Kolchak’s Offensive (March-April 1919)


By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs, May 5, 1919, No.94, Kazan

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The armies of the Eastern front have been led for eight months by S.S. Kamenev. Under his command the armies have dealt many a blow at the Czechoslovaks and at the bands of Dutov and Kolchak. Under Comrade Kamenev’s leadership the troops of the Eastern front restored to the Soviet Republic Ufa, Orenburg and Uralsk. For a number of reasons our Eastern front weakened temporarily, and Kolchak again took Ufa, forcing our troops back to a considerable distance. In recent weeks, however, vigorous measures have been taken by the Eastern front, under Commander Kamenev’s leadership, to restore the situation. These measures have already led to the first serious successes. Over a large sector of the line of the Eastern front our armies have gone over to a successful offensive.

The intense and continuous work of the commander of the Eastern front has made it necessary that he take a short rest. While granting Comrade Kamenev six weeks’ leave and giving thanks to him on behalf of the Red Army, I express the firm hope that the troops of the Eastern front, under the leadership of their new commander A.A. Samoilo [Both Kamenev and his successor Samoilo were former officers of the Tsarist army], will develop the successes already attained, and give the Soviet Republic complete victory over Kolchak.

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