The Labour Armies

To the Revolutionary War
Council of the Third Army [1]


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In principle, I consider your plan completely correct and capable of producing very great results, especially in the transitional conditions of the recently conquered Urals and Siberian areas.

It is necessary:

  1. To establish absolutely correct relations with the appropriate economic (production and distribution) organs at the centre.
  2. To co-operate in every way in setting up the proper economic organs in the area of your activity and constantly to concert all your work with them as they start to function.
  3. To draw up forthwith an economic plan of campaign and, when this has been confirmed, to acquaint the army with it, interest the local population, and set to work to carry it out.

This is my view on this matter. I shall uphold this view in every way before the Government, and I hope that you will be given wide possibilities for working to the advantage of the Soviet Republic in the purely economic sphere.

January 11, 1920, No.162


1: The telegram to the Revolutionary War Council of the 3rd Army was sent by Comrade Trotsky in reply to the Revolutionary War Council’s proposal to transfer the 3rd Army to work on the labour front. Regarding the tasks assigned to the 3rd Army (lst Labour Army) see the preceding note.

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