The Labour Armies

Telegram No.205

To the Provincial Committees of the Party and of the Young Communist League in Perm, Vyatka, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg

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In connection with the mobilising of 19-year-olds for labour tasks, the Yekaterinburg Committee of the Young Communist League has mobilised 750 of its members over and above those subject to mobilisation because of their age. In addition, it has assigned a certain number of its members to strengthen the work in Vyatka and Perm provinces. Members of the YCL have enrolled themselves in labour units made up of 19-year-olds, in which they form cells.

The Revolutionary Council of the Labour Army regards as exceptionally important the participation of conscious youth representatives in the labour units of 19-year-olds, among whom there will be a large number of peasants with a low level of consciousness. The Revolutionary Council of the Labour Army expresses its full confidence that the YCL in the other provinces of the Urals will show no less energy and self-sacrifice in the performance of labour tasks and will, following the example of Yekaterinburg province, assign a substantial number of members to this work. The Labour Army Council expects to receive reports without delay on the measures taken in this direction.

February 25, 1920

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