The Labour Armies

Order No.195

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, February 26, 1920, No.195, Yekaterinburg

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In view of the further improvement in the situation at the fronts it has become possible to discharge the 3rd Army. The army’s institutions must be made use of both so as to draw from them forces and resources for factory enterprises, and for labour tasks generally, and so as to transfer the appropriate matériel and personnel in order to bring up to strength the military institutions of the Urals District and its provincial and uyezd institutions. As for the units of the army, before being given fresh assignments, they are to be placed under the orders of the Urals District. The 3rd Brigade of the Urals Division will be available to carry outwork of loading and despatch at the orders of the High Command. Particular workers, selected according to their individual qualities, are to be sent either to one of the active armies or to the Siberian Military Districts.

The drawing up of a plan for discharging the 3rd Army in such a way as not to cause any hold-up in the performance of labour tasks is entrusted to a commission for utilising the institutions of the army and the District, under the chairmanship of Comrade Pavlov. This commission is to look immediately into the question of releasing a number of premises which are at present occupied by army institutions that may be liquidated in the near future.

The commission’s first report is expected within 48 hours.

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