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The Day of the Wounded

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The proletariat of Kremenchug is devoting this day to the wounded and sick Red soldier. Let us hope that the Kremenchug workers have started a ball rolling in this matter of care and concern for Red soldiers who have been temporarily disabled, and that their initiative will spread all over the Ukraine and throughout the Russian Federation.

The state of affairs in the army medical department is still extremely poor. The wounded, who need the greatest care, suffer, in fact, the greatest privations. Wide initiative by the Soviet public is needed if their lot is to be eased.

It is necessary to organise permanent committees for aid to the wounded and sick Red warriors.

Communist working women must be brought in among the nurses, so as to establish in that quarter a serious, conscientious and attentive attitude to their duties.

The day of the wounded and sick Red hero, organised by the Kremenchug Soviet under the leadership of its chairman Comrade Bogus lavsky, is the beginning of a great task which still lies ahead of us.

Let us send, on this day, a fraternal greeting to the wounded and sick warriors wherever they may be – on the battlefield, lying in a rattling farm-cart, at a dressing-station, on the floor of a heated goods-wagon, or in a field hospital.

July 23, 1919

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