The Labour Armies

Order No.198

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the First Labour Army, March 4, 1920, No. 198, Yekaterinburg

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To the All-Urals Commission for Organising Subbotniks

Many facts show that the use of labour-power for voluntary work on Saturdays and Sundays is often carried out with criminal carelessness: there is no preliminary plan of work, the number of workers enlisted does not correspond to the task to be performed, or there are not enough tools, and, finally, the task itself, hastily decided on, is quite futile. Under these conditions, enthusiasm for work subsides, and is replaced by natural irritation.

It is therefore considered necessary:

1. Before holding an all-Urals subbotnik, to check the work-plan thoroughly, together with the readiness of all the local economic organs to utilise the labour-power expected to turn up.

2. To organise a flying inspectorate which, throughout the day, will check, on the spot, the extent to which the labour-power is used.

3. In all cases of slovenliness and negligence on the part of the relevant Soviet organs, to draw up brief reports and hand these to the Tribunal so that the guilty may be called to account.

Not a single misdemeanour is to be left unpunished.

Every military unit, labour commando or separate group which works with distinction is to be accorded grateful mention in the local press.

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