The War with Poland

Order No.309

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic to the Western Front and the 12th Army, May 1, 1920, No.309

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To be read to all companies, squadrons, batteries and task-forces

To the Red warrior on the Polish front!

Greetings to you, Red warrior on the Western front! The eyes of the whole country are now upon you. The working people have set you to guard the Soviet Ukraine and Soviet Russia. These two sister-countries wanted peace, more than anything else, so as to devote all their strength to labour. After our invincible regiments in the East, the North and the South had smashed Koichak, Yudenich and Denikin, we all hoped to return to peaceful labour – to the plough, the axe, the blacksmith’s hammer and the lathe. But the world bourgeoisie decided to make one last desperate effort to overthrow us, or, at least, to hinder our advance towards a free and just way of life. The aggressors and oppressors of all lands set the Polish bourgeoisie on us – that Polish bourgeoisie who, not long ago, crawled on their bellies before the Tsar and gratefully licked his hand in return for any sop, but who are now trying to tear out the throat of Workers’ and Peasants’ Russia, which frankly and magnanimously recognised Poland’s freedom and independence.

We wanted peace, but they would not give it to us. They wanted war, so they shall have war! Let fearful punishment descend upon their criminal heads!

Red warrior on the Polish front! All the working people of Russia are behind you. The workers of the whole world look to you with hope and love, for you are defending freedom against oppression, labour against exploitation, justice against dishonour.

Victory and glory to the Red warrior on the Polish front!

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